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Telegina Olga Vladimirovna, Postgraduate student, assistant, sub-department of English for Humanities, Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod (23 Gagarina avenue, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia),

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Background. The creativity of the English writer of the Victorian era E. Gaskell has not been studied properly in the Russian literary study, but nowadays her literary heritage is attaching more and more attention of researchers. This is due to the special demand of the ideology and culture of the Victorian period. The aim of the article is analyze the principles of depicting house space in the works by E. Gaskell.
Materials and methods. The main sources of material were E. Gaskell’s works (originals and translations), the articles and books devoted to her literary life. The methodological potential included the historical and cultural method, descriptive and analytical ones.
Results. E. Gaskell’s works were analyzed using the methodology of everyday life study.
Conclusions. Being one of the most outstanding creators of the Victorian social novel, Gaskell, according to the rules of the genre, reproduced historically realistic images of public life of the time. House spaces of her characters being centres of their lives play one of the most important roles in her fiction. The author describes the houses in details that help her achieve a considerable artistic effect. Gaskell syn-thesizes the aesthetic and ethical categories, reflecting the views of Victorians on the notions of beauty and ugliness. Moral purity invariably contributes to the creation of truly beautiful personal spaces, which are detailed as per the tastes and the quality of life and education of characters. The space of being is considered to be the most important thing for the Englishman. Being aesthetically idealized it corresponds to the “moral sense”.

Key words

Elizabeth Gaskell, English realistic novel, Victorian England, house space, English house, English realistic novel.

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